INDiscussion: Blog Competition. Submit Entries Now!

INDiscussion 2014: Blog Competition

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INDiscussion is a blog competition sponsored by the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation and administered by INDePth that seeks to engage students from around the world to actively and critically respond to INDePth 2014’s case study: Korea. Between December and February, we will post entries submitted on our website and share them to audience across our social media platforms. Make your voice a part of this INDePth discussion now.

INDiscussion: Blog Competition. Submit Entries Now!


Current undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines from any university/college.


The Korean peninsula offers a unique case study in a myriad of developmental, political, social and economic concerns. The Cold War’s impact on the peninsula is heavily felt to this day, as North and South Korea are not yet at peace, and the on-going conflict presents an obstacle to peninsular, regional and global stability. Striving to foster a constructive discussion about the peninsula without limiting our focus to purely balance-of-power politics, we invite you to share your ideas about potential agents of change on the peninsula including the media, civil society and economics; or about the motivations behind and the impact of regional and global powers and forces on the peninsula itself.

Submission Guideline

Submit an entry (500 to 1000 words) to about your thoughts on development in Korea. Your entry can take any stance from any disciplinary perspective. It can be an entry you write specifically for this competition, or an essay you wrote for a class related to this topic.

Essays that have already been published in other online or print journal are not eligible.
Every student is eligible for submitting only 1 blog entry. In your submission, please include your full name, school, current year of study, programs of study and contact information (email and phone).

*NEW* Submission Deadline: Friday March 7, 2014. 11:59PM E.S.T


The winner will be selected by the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation and will be awarded a CAD$500 bursary.  If the winner is from any region outside of the Greater Toronto area, they will be awarded a full travel bursary for up to CAD$500 dollars (receipts, bus tickets and boarding passes must be submitted). The winner will also be granted free admission to the conference and the closing gala.

Two runner ups will be awarded free admission to the conference and the closing gala.

Official Rules

By entering the contest, the entrant grants permission for the Korean-Canadian Scholarship Foundation and INDePth Conference (collectively the “Sponsor”) to use the entrant’s name, information and submission on their website as well as other promotional materials. Winners will be announced within three weeks after the Contest has closed, unless unforeseen circumstances necessitate a postponement or cancellation.

Right to Suspend or Cancel Contest
The Sponsor reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the contest for any reason.

Limitation of Liability
By entering this Contest, all entrants agree to release, discharge, and hold harmless the Sponsor and its affiliates from any claims, losses, and damages arising out of their participation in this Contest or any Contest-related activities.


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