China Rocks and the World Should Listen (INDePth Talk II)

On January 18th, INDePth will be hosting a talk with Jon Campbell, the author of Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll.

Red Rock tells the tale not only of the rise and development of yaogun – more than just the Chinese word for “rock and roll” – but of China as well. As China’s international role expands, so, too, does yaogun’s potential – to rock, but also to teach, because at its best, yaogun embodies the power, promise and potential of rock and roll long forgotten in the West. Campbell will look back on his ten years in Beijing, spent mostly in the rock scene performing, writing, promoting, managing and more, as well as shed light on yaogun’s path and its future.

Check out an interview with Jon and some videos of a few of the musicians he will be discussing.

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Jonathan Campbell lived in Beijing from 2000-2010, spending much of that time in the local rock scene as drummer, chronicler, booster, agent and more. His writing has appeared in a range of international publications, he’s put together China tours for dozens of bands from around the world, arranged European tours for Chinese bands, attended international music conferences as part of China delegations, and preached the yaogun gospel at literary festivals, schools, universities and venues around the world. He has been called a “stalwart of the Chinese music scene”; “an instrumental behind-the-scene (figure)”; “the busiest man in Beijing showbiz” and “the Dr. [Norman] Bethune of China’s rock scene.” He lives in Toronto with his wife, and dog. Red Rock: The Long, Strange March of Chinese Rock & Roll is his first book. For more, visit