The Great Firewall of China

In addition to the current workshop topics for the upcoming conference, we will be presenting ‘The Great Firewall of China’ regarding China’s Internet usage and social media. The Internet and, more recently, social networks, have been heralded as powerful tools to combat oppression, censorship and misinformation. Twitter was famously used to coordinate protests during the Arab Spring while YouTube has been used as a platform … Continue reading The Great Firewall of China

Film Screening: ‘Up the Yangtze’

INDePth and New Silk Road Presents: Up The Yangtze Date: December 7, 2012 4-6 PM Location: The Munk School of Global Affairs, 1 Devonshire Place, Room 208N Please join us for a screening of Up the Yangtze, a 2007 documentary film directed by Chinese-Canadian director Yung Chang. The film focuses on people affected by the building of the Three Gorges Dam, a gargantuan and hotly contested symbol … Continue reading Film Screening: ‘Up the Yangtze’

INDiscussion: Blog Competition. Submit Entries Now!

INDiscussion 2014: Blog Competition

You are part of INDePth’s Discussion. INDiscussion is a blog competition sponsored by the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation and administered by INDePth that seeks to engage students from around the world to actively and critically respond to INDePth 2014’s case study: Korea. Between December and February, we will post entries submitted on our website and share them to audience across our social media platforms. Make … Continue reading INDiscussion 2014: Blog Competition

Speakers for China Conference 2013

Faces of China 多面中國: The transformative power of development Day 1 / Friday March 8th DAVID MULRONEY has been called one of Canada’s most innovative ambassadors by Janice Stein, the Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs. He was appointed as the Canadian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China in 2009 and has significantly improved the depth of Sino-Canadian relations. Prior to his appointment, Mr. … Continue reading Speakers for China Conference 2013

INDePth Talks. China: In Pursuit of Balance and Harmony

INDePth Talk (Part I)

China: In Pursuit of Balance and Harmony You are invited to our first INDePth Talk! Time: November 30, 4:00-6:00 Place: Munk School of Global Affairs, Room 208N After 30 years of reforms, China’s economy has grown to become the world’s second largest. However, uneven development and social inequality pose serious challenges to the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. On November 30, distinguished faculty from the … Continue reading INDePth Talk (Part I)

INDePth is Recruiting!

[Closed] INDePth is Recruiting!

Research and Development | Executive Associates Positions: 2 Time Commitment: 3 hours per week Responsibilities Assist VP and Program Director with variety of tasks such as confirming speakers and developing the Conference content Help manage email accounts and keep Dropbox folder organized Attend bi-weekly departmental meetings Attend monthly all member meetings Must be proficient with basic usage of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc.) Ideal candidates … Continue reading [Closed] INDePth is Recruiting!

Key Themes for China 2013

Key Themes and Workshop Topics for China Conference 2013

Faces of China 多面中國: The transformative power of development DAY 1 / Friday March 8th China’s unexpected economic boom of the past three decades has created the opportunity for changing social and environmental discourses in its society. Within China’s borders, shifting ideologies have facilitated not only new strategies of development but have altered its social and environmental landscapes to ultimately shift how  China is perceived worldwide. … Continue reading Key Themes and Workshop Topics for China Conference 2013

" analyzing China's development" quote

A Message from Research and Development

What We Do The Research and Development department’s mandate is to bring critical, challenging and thought provoking content to INDePth participants through captivating speakers, inspiring workshops and meaningful debate. Our team has a crucial role in INDePth as it will help shape the student experience. Currently, our dedicated team is working on the key themes and workshop topics, as well as seeking out speakers and … Continue reading A Message from Research and Development

Official Web Launch Poster

New Updates

Welcome to INDePth’s Official Web Launch! Our newly revamped website includes tonnes of new features, pages, information and a blog section. Here are some of our new exciting updates: New Executive Team for 2013 Our Executive Team for 2013 is almost twice the size of last year’s team! We have 5 departments this year: Fundraising, Marketing, Research and Development, External and Internal Relations. There are currently … Continue reading New Updates