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INDiscussion is a platform that seeks to engage students from around the world to actively and critically respond to INDePth’s current case study on South Asia. Contributors are welcome to submit blog posts and articles to our website. We will then share them to audiences across our social media platforms. Make your voice a part of this INDePth discussion now!


Home to a diverse range of states and polities, South Asia is a region of many contrasts. Despite significant economic ‘development’ over the past few decades, the region continues to be plagued by various social and political issues. Furthermore, these depictions of progress often undermine the actual realities of live in the region. We believe that, with the widespread proliferation of social media and telecommunications technology, old narratives are breaking down in the face of social media and telecommunications technology, the voices of youth are becoming more prominent in society. Therefore, INDePth seeks to open a genuine dialogue on the nature of ‘modernity’ through engaging with youth identities and culture.


Current undergraduate students from all disciplines from any university/college.

Submission Guideline

Submit a blog entry (250 to 1000 words) to about your thoughts of youth and/or identities in South Asia. Your entry can take any stance from any disciplinary perspective. It can be an entry you write specifically for this competition, an essay you wrote for a class related to this topic, or a blog piece that you crafted based on personal experiences with identity.

Essays that have already been published in other online or print journal are not eligible.

In your submission, please include your full name, school, current year of study, programs of study and contact information (email and phone).