Japan Embattled: A Nation in Transition

Day One – The Two Faces of Japan: Social (In)equalities

Japan is often characterized as a homogeneous and prosperous nation. However, distinct social and economic differences between urban and rural areas, youth and the elderly, and men and women raise profound questions regarding equality and fairness in contemporary Japanese society. Day One’s panels and workshops will examine these important questions and evaluate Japan’s progress in providing solutions to them.


Day Two – Regional Challenges and Global Futures

Japan has been, and continues to be, an important power in East Asia and on the world stage. However, with issues of history, territorial sovereignty, and constitutional reform all threatening to increase tensions and derail cooperation with neighbours, Japan is in danger of losing its privileged place in regional and world affairs. Day Two’s panel and workshops will examine Japan’s place in the Asia-Pacific region, in the global community, and the interconnected nature of all of the above.