Visual Contest: “Worlding” Through Your Eyes

Photo by Johnny Vagabond


“Worlding” Through Your Eyes is a visual arts competition that aims to create an aspirational space where people can share their own interpretation and portrayal of the term, “Worlding” and South Asia.

Worlding as a set of projects and practices that allow the “developing world” to reimagine/reinvent themselves in the global context and challenges existing assumptions. 

We’re looking for your best artworks that portray your own interpretation of “Worlding” based on the definition stated above and/or the portrayal of your imagination of South Asia.


Current undergraduate/graduate students from all disciplines from any university/college.

Submission Guideline

Submit a visual art piece (Max 26x34inch) related with South Asia and your own interpretation of “Worlding”. It could be in any form such as a painting, photograph, digital design, drawing etc. or a piece of art that relates to the cultures, traditions and identities of South Asia to

Infringement of copyright is strictly prohibited.

In your submission, please include the title of your photo, your full name, school, current year of study, programs of study and contact information (email and phone).