Recommended Resources for Workshops

The following articles and videos are recommended resources for our workshop sessions. Check here to see which workshop you will attend.

Entrepreneurship and the New China

  • Peter Berger – An East Asian Development Model?
  • Jialin Zhang – Guiding China’s Market Economy
  • Marie-Jose Rinaldi-Larribe et al. – Does China Deserve Market Economy Status?
  • Bruce Dickson – Updating the China Model

Green Development

  • Veeck,G. et al(2007) “China’s Natural Environments,” China’s Geography (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman) pp. 15‐42
  • Elizabeth Economy – China’s Next Revolution
  • Elizabeth Economy – The Great Leap Backward?
  • Stefanie Beyer – Environmental Law and Policy in the PRC
  • Jim Yardley (New York Times) – Chinese Dam Projects Criticized for their Human Costs
  • Edward Burtynsky (TED Talk) – Manufactured Landscapes

Friend or Foe?

  • Kenneth Lieberthal – A New China Strategy
  • David Kang – Getting Asia Wrong: The Need for New Analytical Frameworks
  • Wang Yizhou – China’s Path: Growing and Learning
  • Robert Kaplan – The Geography of Chinese Power

China in Transition

  • Mann,J. (1999) “Framing China,” Media Studies Journal, Winter, pp.102‐107
  • Kuotsai Tom Liou – State-Society Relations in Post-Mao Chinese Economic Reforms
  • Wang, M. et al (2002) “China’s Puzzle Game: Four Spatial Shifts of Development,” in Webber et al (eds.) China’s Transition to aGlobal Economy,New York: Palgrave, pp. 113‐142
  • Yan Sun – Politics of Conceptualizing Corruption in Reform China
  • Fengshu Liu – “Politically Indifferent” Nationalists? China’s Youth Negotiating Political Identity in the (Post-Mao) Internet Age

City and Country

  • Dewen Wang – Internal Migration in China
  • Gao, M.C.F. (1999) “Reforms since the Late 1970s,” in Gao Village (Honolulu:University ofHawaii Press), pp. 171‐199.
  • Zhang,Q.F. and J.Donaldson (2008) “The rise of agrarian capitalism with Chinese characteristics: Agricultural modernization, agribusiness and collective land rights,” The China Journal, 60: 25‐47.
  • George Lin – Peri-Urbanism in Globalizing China
  • The Economist (Video) – Resettlement in China


  • Mackerras, C.(2010) “Tibetans,Uygurs, and Multinational ‘China’: Han‐Minority Relations and State Legitimation” in Gries & Rosen (eds.), Chinese Politics State, Society and the Market (New York: Routledge), pp. 222‐242.
  • Tamara Jacka – Finding a Place
  • Bossen, L.(2005) “Forty Million Missing Girls: Land, Population Controls and Sex Imbalances In Rural China,” The Asia Pacific Journal: Japan Focus (online).
  • Hsing, Y.T. (2010) “Peasant Relocation and Deterritorialization,” in The Great Urban Transformation, Oxford: OUP, pp. 181‐210.

One Country, Two Systems

Great Firewall

  • Michael Anti (TED Talk) – Behind the Great Firewall
  • Xiao Qiang – The Battle Over Chinese Internet
  • Guobin Yang – Online Activism
  • Larry Diamond – Liberation Technology
  • Ronald Deibert and Rafal Rohozinski – Liberation vs Control: The Future of Cyberspace

Might and Right