South Korean protestors shout slogans during a rally against North Korea's regime in Seoul on April 26. The placards read 'Freedom and human rights for North Korean people.' (Ji-Hwan/AFP/Getty Images)

INDiscussion Winner for 2014

INDePth is pleased to announce Sophie Qu as the INDiscussion Blog Competition winner for 2014. The Korea Canadian Scholarship Foundation selected her entry written on the “The Two Koreas and the Responsibility of the International Community“. Sophie Qu is a fourth-year Criminology and Concurrent Education student at the University of Toronto. She will be receiving her $500 grand prize from the Korea Canadian Scholarship Foundation at the … Continue reading INDiscussion Winner for 2014

Key Themes and Workshop Topics for Korea Conference 2014

Day 1: Agents of Change on a Divided Peninsula Media Representations Media both reflects the norms and values which undergird the social and political fabric of a community and, in turn, a community’s media representations can help shape perceptions that a particular society holds of itself and others. This is no different in the context of North-South Korean relations, and the media plays an important … Continue reading Key Themes and Workshop Topics for Korea Conference 2014