South Korean protestors shout slogans during a rally against North Korea's regime in Seoul on April 26. The placards read 'Freedom and human rights for North Korean people.' (Ji-Hwan/AFP/Getty Images)

INDiscussion Winner for 2014

INDePth is pleased to announce Sophie Qu as the INDiscussion Blog Competition winner for 2014. The Korea Canadian Scholarship Foundation selected her entry written on the “The Two Koreas and the Responsibility of the International Community“. Sophie Qu is a fourth-year Criminology and Concurrent Education student at the University of Toronto. She will be receiving her $500 grand prize from the Korea Canadian Scholarship Foundation at the … Continue reading INDiscussion Winner for 2014

Media Representation Workshop

Few issues involving North Korea have been as prominent or talked-about in the media as the most recent “basketball diplomacy” trips led by Dennis Rodman. From its inception, this proposed project was framed and labelled most generously as a shallow publicity stunt to most critically as downright morally reprehensible. The referrals by ex-NBA player Rodman to Kim Jong Un as a “friend for life” and … Continue reading Media Representation Workshop

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INDePth 2014 Sponsorship Update

INDePth is pleased to announce that for our Korea 2014 Conference, we have received the generous support of the University of Toronto Student Initiatives Fund as our first ever Diamond level sponsor. The Dean’s Student Initiatives Fund was established to provide financial support for student initiatives that aspire to create dialogue and foster a greater sense of community through special events, lectures, or other forms … Continue reading INDePth 2014 Sponsorship Update

Korean Traditional Pattern

Reimagining the Korean Peninsula: Global Forces, Social Change and Conflict Resolution

This year INDePth Conference 2014 will focus on another area pivotal to the Asia-Pacific region—the Korean peninsula. INDePth is proud to announce that Korea is the focus of its 2014 annual conference. Delegates will explore Korea through the theme “Reimagining the Korean Peninsula: Global Forces, Social Change and Conflict Resolution” by assessing both the agents of change in the two Koreas as well as interrogating … Continue reading Reimagining the Korean Peninsula: Global Forces, Social Change and Conflict Resolution

[CLOSED] Call for Executive Team 2014

All university students across different disciplines are eligible to apply! To apply for a position: E-mail: Attach a copy of your résumé/CV (maximum 2 pages) Attach a cover letter (maximum 1 page) Please specify in the subject line of the email: INDePth Application/(Position you are applying)/(Fill in your name) Each position number requires a separate application. For general inquiries or any specific questions related … Continue reading [CLOSED] Call for Executive Team 2014

INDiscussion: Blog Competition. Submit Entries Now!

INDiscussion 2014: Blog Competition

You are part of INDePth’s Discussion. INDiscussion is a blog competition sponsored by the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation and administered by INDePth that seeks to engage students from around the world to actively and critically respond to INDePth 2014’s case study: Korea. Between December and February, we will post entries submitted on our website and share them to audience across our social media platforms. Make … Continue reading INDiscussion 2014: Blog Competition