Media Representation Workshop

Few issues involving North Korea have been as prominent or talked-about in the media as the most recent “basketball diplomacy” trips led by Dennis Rodman. From its inception, this proposed project was framed and labelled most generously as a shallow publicity stunt to most critically as downright morally reprehensible. The referrals by ex-NBA player Rodman to Kim Jong Un as a “friend for life” and … Continue reading Media Representation Workshop

Key Themes and Workshop Topics for Korea Conference 2014

Day 1: Agents of Change on a Divided Peninsula Media Representations Media both reflects the norms and values which undergird the social and political fabric of a community and, in turn, a community’s media representations can help shape perceptions that a particular society holds of itself and others. This is no different in the context of North-South Korean relations, and the media plays an important … Continue reading Key Themes and Workshop Topics for Korea Conference 2014

INDiscussion: Blog Competition. Submit Entries Now!

INDiscussion 2014: Blog Competition

You are part of INDePth’s Discussion. INDiscussion is a blog competition sponsored by the Korean Canadian Scholarship Foundation and administered by INDePth that seeks to engage students from around the world to actively and critically respond to INDePth 2014’s case study: Korea. Between December and February, we will post entries submitted on our website and share them to audience across our social media platforms. Make … Continue reading INDiscussion 2014: Blog Competition