Executives 2017




Arnold is a fourth year student pursuing a double major in History and Contemporary Asian Studies (CAS) and a minor in Political Science. Seeing South Asia as an important yet neglected area for studying, he partners up with Atif to find what the notions of ‘progress’ and ‘development’ mean to those in the thick of it.



Atif is a double major in International Relations and Peace, Conflict & Justice studies (PCJ) with a minor in Contemporary Asian Studies. His research interests include critical studies particularly post-colonial theory. He aspires to figure his life out before midterm season this October.

Department of Research and Development

EDEN LEE / Vice-Chair, Research and Development 


Eden is a 4th year student double majoring in International Relations and CAS. The focus on South Asia this year particularly interests her as it is a dynamic region with a rich fascinating history that can offer many new ideas and lessons for contemporary academic discourses.

KATE FEDOROVA / Program Director 


Kate is a 4th year student at University of Toronto, pursuing a major in Political Science and double minor is South Asian Studies and French. She has taken distinct interest in South Asian while pursuing comparative studies of the region. She annually travels there to conduct research and is excited to contribute her knowledge to the conference.

ANGELA HOU / Program Research Assistant


Angela is a second year student double majoring in International Relations and Ethics, Society, and Law. She is privileged to serve as Program Research Assistant under the Research and Development Branch. She looks forward to a conference that pays due respect to the diversity and complexity of South Asia, both as a region and as an identity.

MELIKA GONLAILAI / Workshop Facilitator


Melika is fourth year student pursuing a major in Equity Studies and a double minor in Diaspora Transnational Studies and South Asian Studies. She has spent 3 months of the year since the age of five living in Sri Lanka, and thus her interest in the region of South Asia has flourished.

Department of Marketing

KANA SHISHIKURA / Vice-Chair of Marketing 


Kana is a 3rd year student double majoring in CAS, Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies, and minoring in Environmental Anthropology. Kana was a participant of 2015 Japan conference and was inspired to join INDePth. She is also the Co-Director of the Youth Engagement Program for UofT UNICEF and is deeply interested in global issues pertaining to human rights violation and women’s rights.

ANDREW WISEMAN/ Public Relations Director


Andrew is a fourth year student studying International Relations, History, and French. This is his first year on the INDePth executive. He previously worked for the South Asia and Middle East (SAME) Forum in London, UK. It was through his work in the SAME Forum that he gained an interest in Asian politics and history.

EMAAN THAVER / Social Media Director 


Emaan is a third-year International Relations and Media Studies student at the University of Toronto. Having grown up in Karachi, Pakistan, she harbours a deep interest in all things South Asia and is very excited to be working alongside an incredible team as the Social Media Director for this year’s INDePth student conference.

MIA NGUYEN / Marketing Executive


Mia is a second year Political Science and Sociology student. She spent a month over the summer going on an exchange with many South Asian friends and has since been intrigued to deepen her understanding about the socioeconomic nature as well as the complex culture of South Asia.

NOLAN TERRELL/ Photographer and Videographer


DUC M PHAM/Graphic Designer  

Department of Internal Affairs and Finance

JAY PARK / Vice-Chair of Internal Affairs and Finance


Jay is a fourth year student double majoring in International Relations and East Asian Studies. He is interested in exploring, investigating and problematizing the understanding of South Asia in a post-colonial era where it has been conceptualized into a space of irregular temporality that is discerned only as a region of national modernity and development.

ALBEE YAN / Logistics and Finance Executive 


Albee is a third year student double majoring in International Relations and Criminology. At CANIMUN 2016, she worked on the International Press Forum staff team. She also worked for Canadian Centre for Responsibility to Protect (CCR2P)  during 2014-2016. She hopes to create an educational and enjoyable experience for everyone.

ARDEN BURROWS/ Logistics and Finance Executive


Arden is in her second-year studying International Relations and Contemporary Asian Studies (CAS). As a CAS student, she is interested in South Asia and the role of the region in global affairs. She is looking forward to learning more about the diverse and dynamic area through her position in the INDePth Conference.

KATHERINE WANG/ Logistics and Finance Executive


Katherine is a fourth year student double majoring in Computer Science and Economics, with a minor in History. She is particularly interested in South Asia as a hub for technological innovation beyond manufacturing, as well as the socioeconomic nature of South Asia.