Application 2018/19

INDePth 2018-2019 is seeking enthusiastic students with diverse experiences and academic interests who would like to join our team in making this year’s conference interrogative and enriching.

To apply for a position:

  1. Attach a copy of your résumé/CV with relevant skills and interests (maximum one page).
  2. Attach a letter of interest:
    • If you wish to apply for multiple positions, your letter will be a maximum of two pages.
    • If you only wish to apply for one position, your letter will be a maximum of one page.
    • Please specify which position(s) you are applying for within the letter.
    • Each applicant may only apply for a maximum of three positions.
  3. If you are applying for an Operations position or R&D please attach a graded research paper that you believe demonstrates your skills in writing.
  4. If you are applying for a Marketing Coordinator or Graphic Designer position please include a portfolio piece which best demonstrates your skills.
  5. Please place in the subject of the email: INDePth Application_Position You Are Applying For_Your Name

For general inquiries or specific questions, please contact:

Application deadline for all positions:

October 8th, 2018 11:59PM EST

We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



Due to the scale of the INDePth conference and its associations with the AI and the greater Munk School, there are several criteria that are required of all members and specific criteria for leadership positions.

For All Team-Members:

  • Experience of writing several research papers prior to applying.
  • Experience in working in university group settings required.
  • Must not be committed to more than 2-3 other positions in university clubs/related event planning unless candidate is demonstratively capable of handling these commitments in addition to schoolwork and INDePth.
  • Must be able to commit 2-3 hours a week for meetings and INDePth related activities.



The Department of Operations oversees logistics, finance and fundraising. The team is responsible for working closely with Chairs and other departments in completing secretarial tasks, planning, budgeting and fundraising for the conference. This department is also responsible for communication and coordination with potential conference speakers.

Operations Coordinators

This is a dual role: it includes both logistics and finance/fundraising responsibilities.

  • Logistics: scheduling meetings, organizing and booking venues, ordering food and beverages, and working with the Administrative staff at AI to prepare for the day of the conference; taking minutes at meetings, maintaining records of documents and relevant contacts to keep the conference team updated.
  • Finance/Fundraising: initiate, plan and organize initiatives to raise funds for INDePth and maintain communication with potential sponsors. They will also keep accurate records of transactions, funds raised, donated, or spent for the event.
  • Prior experience in event planning, finance and accounting is an asset.
  • Excellent communication skills are required for this role in order to write well crafted and professional grants and emails.


The Department of Research and Development is responsible for contributing and curating the content of the conference program and sub-topics. Facilitators will be responsible for leading and/or facilitating the interactive portion of the conference. Researchers require good levels of research and writing skills and will work closely with Chairs in planning and creating the content of the conference.


Researchers are responsible for overseeing the development of conference content, programs and agenda.

  • Researching and preparing conference program material in line with this year’s theme and topics.
  • Prior knowledge on Asia is an asset but taking a class related to Asia is also acceptable. Experience in conducting research and writing program material is required.
  • Required to attend weekly meetings.

Workshop Facilitators/ Moderators 

Potential interactive portions of the conference might include: panels, breakout sessions with the audience or workshops following the conference themes and topics.

  • Must be comfortable with and skilled at public speaking.
  • Required to attend weekly meetings.



The Department of Marketing is responsible for promoting the INDePth Conference through multiple forms of media. Marketing executives will create promotional material and will reach out to students, the public and groups and associations both on and off campus to attract conference attendees and make the conference known.

Marketing Coordinators 

This includes the development of social media presence, contact with various media outlets, outreach to various groups on and off campus and in the greater GTA community.

  • Developing a marketing strategy, creating and executing marketing campaigns
  • Working closely with other Departments and Chairs to maintain updated information on the conference for promotional material.
  • Prior experience in marketing campaigns or have a demonstrated interest in marketing is strongly preferred.

Graphic Designer 

This role entails creating the logo for this year’s conference, designing the program booklets, conference and promotional material.

  • Working closely with Marketing team on creating materials for marketing campaigns
  • Must be skilled in PhotoShop, Adobe InDesign, or other designer software

Social Media Coordinator 

  • Responsible for managing and updating INDePth’s Facebook page/group, twitter, blogs and other online platforms to promote INDePth;
  • Coordinator should maintain updated knowledge of conference updates and information for answering all inquiries on INDePths media platforms.
  • Coordinator is also responsible for running the INDePth website and keeping track of news related to the conference theme.

Prior experience in using social media for marketing purposes and speaking on behalf of an organization is preferred but not required.