Call for Undergraduate Speakers at the Asian Cities Conference!


Would you like to be a speaker at our conference? Want to contribute to an exciting panel that will challenge conceptions about Asian Cities? Read on if you said yes to both questions!

This year our conference theme is “Asian Cities” and will be held at the Vivian and David Campbell Conference Facility. In order to analyze Asian Cities, we are using multidisciplinary—especially historical, anthropological, and geographical—theoretical frameworks in order to present this theme in a comprehensively textured manner. We want to challenge current narratives which present the development of Asian Cities as a standardized model; that these spaces across the continent represent a similar type of progress.

In this spirit, we would like to invite Senior undergraduate students (3rd year and above) to apply for the opportunity to speak at this year’s INDePth Conference on the topic: Conceptualizing the City: Urban vs Rural. Our conference was the proud recipient of the Event of the Year Award at the UTSU Unity Ball last year.

Application instructions:

1) It is highly preferred that the student already has research ready to present.

2) Please send a 250 word abstract or description of your research

3) You need to be available for several hours in the weeks leading up to the conference as well as be available for the conference date to present and stay for the workshop sessions.

4) Send your abstract/description to

DEADLINE: February 27th, 11:59pm

Do not hesitate to email us at with any questions or concerns.

We would love to have you on board for this exciting one-day event!

Shiaoshiao Chen and Tyentyen Chen
Co-Chairs, INDePth 2017-2018