Our Executive Team 2013


BETTY XIE / Co-President
A third year U of T student majoring in Asia Pacific Studies and Cinema Studies, Betty Xie constantly lingers between her interest in Contemporary Asia’s politics and her fascination towards Chinese cinema. She has found the marriage for her different intellectual aspirations outside of classroom: She was the President of the Pan-Asia Student Society (2011-2012) and is currently directing the documentary, Untag Taiwan 2012, on 2012 Taiwan Presidential Election. Founding INDePth with her Asia Pacific studies fellows last year, she is extremely grateful that she leads the conference on developments in China, where she studied this past summer. Find Betty’s writing on film and Asia on her blog.

ZHIYING ZHANG / Co-President
Zhiying Zhang is the Co-President of INDePth Conference 2013. She is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto with a double major in Asia Pacific Studies and Economics. Zhiying has been infatuated with Chinese politics and later extends her interest to Taiwanese politics, cross-strait relationships, and female politics. She presented her paper on the Rise of China, at the Munk School of Global Affairs. As a U of T delegate, she did field research in Taiwan. She was also the editor of the academic journal, Passages. She welcomes worldwide scholars and students to the conference and is looking forward to sharing an “INDePth” experience with all of you.


ALEX CHOW / Fundraising Director
Alex Chow is a third year student in the Finance & Economics Specialist Program of University of Toronto’s Rotman Commerce. He hopes to bring forward to INDePth both a financial and economical perspective on development, as well as his experience of monetary management and fundraising in order for this conference to be possible. Coming from a financial and economical background, he feels that there is a need for the awareness of the magnitude of these global macroeconomic events. With a passion to spreading this knowledge, he hopes that he and his team can make a unforgettable event for all participants.

ISABEL DUCHESNE / Fundraising Direct
Isabel Duchesne is a second year student at Trinity College at the University of Toronto, majoring in Political Science and Anthropology. She is the Fundraising Events Executive at Oxfam University of Toronto and was the Summer 2012 Grant Writing and Research Intern at the Asian Institute at the Munk School of Global Affairs. Isabel’s commitment to social justice and development has involved her in numerous awareness and fundraising projects for a variety of causes including HIV/AIDS, global food security, LGBTQ rights, and mental health. She is a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award for Students. With a particular interest in the role of development in furthering rights and encouraging political participation, Isabel looks forward to her first INDePth conference.

SUMAIYA AHMED / Fundraising Director
Sumaiya Ahmed graduated from University of Toronto with a Specialist Degree in Political Science in 2011. She is currently working at Journalists for Human Rights as their Social Media Coordinator. Throughout under graduation, she has taken several development courses along with courses specializing in China. She was part of the first INDePth conference and is looking forward to being part of the conference this year as well.


David Wang

Karr Wong
Marc Racette

Daisy Qin

Claudia Chan

Jessie Lau


ZAC PRONG / Vice President, External

Zac is currently in his second year of studies at the University of Toronto where he is pursuing a major in Contemporary Asia Studies and a double minor in Political Science and Human Geography. After leaving high school he lived in China for nearly three years where he worked as an ESL teacher. He is interested in a wide range of contemporary issues relating to China and Southeast Asia. In working with his colleagues and participants at the INDePth Conference he hopes to engage in constructive debate and conversation, gain a deeper understanding of important issues facing China and the international community, and meet people from different universities, countries, and backgrounds.

Mandy Lu
Kateryna Sherysheva (McGill)
Henry Lu (UTSC)
Jerry Zhao (Carleton)
Zunaira Asif (UWO )


SANDY YU / Vice President, Internal

Sandy is a third year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, double majoring in Asia-Pacific studies and sociology. Ever since she was young, she has always been fascinated by the Asia-Pacific region, international development, human interaction, different cultures, histories, and geographies. Becoming a part of the INDePth Conference 2013 family, she wishes to help enhance other students, as well as her own, understanding of China’s unique position in the world while having fun creating new friends and memories at the same time!

Tanaz Asli

John Lo

Claire Chen
Daniel Powell
Nicole Lilauwala
Raymond Gao
Tian Wang

Research & Development

ANUPAM CHAUDHRI / Vice President, Research and Development

Anupam is a third year student double majoring in International Relations and Contemporary Asian Studies. As Program Director for the INDePth Conference 2012 on Indonesia, she worked on research, workshop design and had the pleasure of interacting with participants as a workshop facilitator. After such an amazing experience working with a fantastic team, she could not wait to help plan INDePth 2013. This year she is working as Vice President of Research and Development and hopes to once again bring challenging and thought provoking topics to INDePth. Through her studies she has become passionate about the politics and development of Asia and this has only increased through her recent research trip to Indonesia- the country topic of last year’s INDePth Conference. Her research experience there challenged many assumptions she had about development and public policy. She looks forward to bringing the lessons she has learned to the INDePth Conference this year and to continue making it a wonderful opportunity for students across Canada.

Justin Kwan

Alan Ning

Anupam Aery
James Moon
Kimberly Kinnear
Supriya Joshi

Banghao Zhou
Joshua Tan
Luke Witzaney
Maha Naqi
Melaney DaSilva
Tasha Kinnear