INDePth is Recruiting!

[Closed] INDePth is Recruiting!

Research and Development | Executive Associates Positions: 2 Time Commitment: 3 hours per week Responsibilities Assist VP and Program Director with variety of tasks such as confirming speakers and developing the Conference content Help manage email accounts and keep Dropbox folder organized Attend bi-weekly departmental meetings Attend monthly all member meetings Must be proficient with basic usage of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel etc.) Ideal candidates … Continue reading [Closed] INDePth is Recruiting!

Official Web Launch Poster

New Updates

Welcome to INDePth’s Official Web Launch! Our newly revamped website includes tonnes of new features, pages, information and a blog section. Here are some of our new exciting updates: New Executive Team for 2013 Our Executive Team for 2013 is almost twice the size of last year’s team! We have 5 departments this year: Fundraising, Marketing, Research and Development, External and Internal Relations. There are currently … Continue reading New Updates