Overview of Indonesia Conference 2012

An annual conference on development that brings together students from a variety of fields and universities. We aim to help students share knowledge, build their network and equip in skills which will empower them to become change-makers.

INDePth reaches out to students at leading Canadian, American and Indonesian universities across a variety of disciplines. These students will collaborate and connect in workshops to understand the ways in which economic and social developments work. Following student delegations have confirmed their participation:

  • University of Toronto,
  • University of Toronto- Scarborough,
  • University of Alberta,
  • University of British Columbia,
  • University of Ottawa,
  • Gadjah Mada University

INDePth Conference 2012 will look at the path of economic development in Indonesia and its 238 million population as a reference to discuss it’s social consequences on this culturally and ethnically diverse nation.

By the end of the workshops, students will gain both intellectual and practical skills to contribute their local communities and internationally. Most importantly, they will have built a network of similarity minded colleagues to support them in that endeavor.